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Feel the luxury with country kitchens

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Home Decor

Feel the luxury with country kitchens

Your kitchen is the most important part of your home that can bring great value to your home. Your kitchen plays a central role to your lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to create joinery and cabinets that could boost the way you and your beloved family cook. By combining the superior-quality, detail craftsmen attention and the best fittings and materials, everything that modern kitchens in Sydney reveals is both attractive and functional. Most of all, it is suited to the way you live and exploit your kitchen.

Why incorporate kitchen joinery solutions?

With kitchen renovation in Bondi, you can be able to make a worthwhile and solid investment to your property. Very importantly, whatever the kitchen design you want, you can get it done. Not only you can be able to make your kitchen in Blacktown look accurately the way you want by means of design, requirements and style, but will also meet your budget. The kitchen joinery services that you can obtain include:

  • New kitchen
  • Refurbishing work to the existing kitchen
  • Vanities that has to be custom made
  • Laminate stone, benches and timber benches
  • All joineries can be available as made to order

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Install country kitchen

You don’t need to have a home in the country to feel the warmth of country kitchen. You can consider installing the incredible country kitchens in Penrith that have cozy designs. It is a favorite choice of the designers as well as homeowners since it embodies the beauty and comfort of the countryside while offering all of the functionality you want.

If you need a kitchen design in Chatswood that really makes your kitchen the central part of your home for you and your visitors, look no further than the wonderful country kitchen design.

Popularity of country-style kitchen

Country-style represents a broad terms and indicates different things to different kind of people, from farmhouse, rustic, cottage and even French provincial, modern and Hampton-inspired country. You should bear in mind that while speaking about contemporary and contemporary country, it is referred to two quite distinct styles. The true modern is streamlined, simple and sleek with strong horizontal, clean lines and a sense of symmetry.

The modern country-style, nonetheless, typically shows character via features like:

  • Open shelving
  • Profile panels & doors
  • Stone floors or warm timber and benchtops
  • Ornate wire
  • Big protruding ceramic sinks
  • Turned posts on the island benches
  • Neutral, soft color palettes
  • Accent shades such as delicate blues, subtle greens and cool greys

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These kitchens have conventionally had the luxury feel of generous floor plans as well as spacious layouts, but they are also increasingly seen in smaller spaces and apartments.

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Why you should choose glass splashback for kitchen?

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Home Decor

Kitchen is placed in the sphere where a string of activities are carried out unceasingly. Also it has a great potential to be designed in an influential, comfy and luxurious way. A homemaker generally spends most of her precious time in this kitchen and her most expedient companions need to be present there. A kitchen must be delineated in such a way that the equipments required frequently should be handy and placed appropriately. In the process of working in the kitchen vicinity, chopping, slicing, splashing and grinding the ingredients is pretty obvious. The side wall attached to the slab of the kitchen becomes daubed thanks to the stains of oil, vegetables and other liquids. Moreover, the sanitary conditions and aesthetics of kitchen are largely impinged due to this staining. It is quite advantageous to indulge in the practice of installing splashbacks in the kitchen area in order to keep your kitchen stain free and its beauty intact. Putting on splashbacks in your kitchen also defines a surreal theme to your surroundings.

Glass splashbacks

The most commonly employed splashbacks for the kitchen area are glass splashbacks. They offer a whole range of advantages from their utility to their appearance. Though a significant amount of money is splurged over their purchase, but in the long run, they are quite beneficial. They are surely better in lieu of tiles which are also common now days. The installation of glass splashbacks may need some surplus time of about three trips by the installer but it’s worth it. Whereas tiles lack luster and do not provide smooth surface in comparison with glass spashbacks. These splashbacks can easily be installed mainly on the walls adjacent to sink or benches. No doubt the value and beauty of your kitchen will be aggrandized. The materials forged into glass splashbacks are tempered and made quite tough for safety purposes. They enhance the durability of splashbacks requiring low maintenance.

Convincing reasons for installing glass splashbacks

The most amazing endowment possessed by glass is its shine and sparkling nature. Glass splashbacks reflect light radiantly shimmering the whole area. The choice of colors while choosing glass splashbacks is also diverse. You can select any color varying from bright red to dull blue. Also glass can be scraped free from sticking dirt easily with the help of some cloth. Glass splashbacks are found to be stain resistant thus keeping the place sanitized and unblemished with splotches. Their non flammable nature also accounts for their safe presence alongside the kitchen stove. Only a damp cloth is needed to wipe off the temporary stains sticking on it. They can also be installed in the most challenging places like kitchen corners with ease. Also, replacing the old splashbacks with new ones requires only small effort.

In order to add some elegance and charisma to your kitchen, glass splashbacks can be fitted with LED lights enhancing the overall look of the kitchen. A perfectly measured splashback fits the particular wall impeccably providing a smooth finish. If you want to experiment your kitchen with various patterns, then Aus Joinery Kitchens Sydney offer kitchen splashbacks and bathroom splashbacks made out of glass that will serve you best. A unique fragment of art or some special designs can be engraved on glass beautifying its external appearance. Though the initial cost of glass splashbacks is quite high but it accounts for its material and endurance which outnumber the cost invariably. All in all, glass splashbacks impart a luxurious touch to your kitchen area.

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Installation of tiles- Way to remodel bathroom surface

Posted by on Dec 30, 2014 in Home Decor

A compactly designed space fitted with multiple components and water flows now and then. This is how you define the complexity of this place. Bathrooms are expected to be designed pleasurefully and hold an aura of comfort. Redoing your personal hygiene space requires a considerable time and a thoughtful plan. At times, it becomes quite tricky to take an estimation of each and every area in the bathroom for the installation of tiles.

Well if you are planning to venture a bathroom renovation project, make sure to consider all aspects including budget and style. Surprisingly, a wide range of materials is available for use in bathroom floors and walls such as ceramic, vinyl, porcelain, cork, bamboo, laminate etc. Tiling incorporates a sense of luxury to your bathroom without having you tighten the strings of your purse. The bathroom surfaces are likely to undergo a large amount of wear and tear so before you lay your hands upon a material, make sure it satisfies the desired criterion.

Knowing the Pros and Cons

Ceramic tile is quite a popular choice for bathroom surfaces. A mixture of clay, water and few other minerals is what forms the composition of a ceramic. A coating of glaze on the exterior tile surface renders it water resistant property. In terms of durability, ceramic tiles are long lasting and scratch resistant. Once cleaned, they do not harbor any kind of bacteria or allergens.  It delivers a classy look and provides individuality to the space. Availability of variety in colors and finishes is the reason for growing use of these tiles. These are easy to clean and are maintenance free. A simple wash can wipe off the dirt or residue accumulated on the surface. No specialized tools are needed for cutting ceramic tiles, thereby, making its installation process easier. It is well suited for floors and walls but is awfully cold underfoot. Using multiple sized tiles to create different patterns is a growing trend in the bathroom designing.

Vinyl is a quality sheet material with water proofing and stain resistant properties. It is easy on the wallet and is self adhering. Plastic laminate tiles are another good option for bathroom flooring. It is extremely durable and easy to maintain. The downside of employing it is that it does not perform well in water. Infiltration leads to expansion and buckling of the material.

Despite the fact that natural looking wood adds warmth to the interiors of a place, it is not preferred for bathroom surfaces by people because it cannot withstand moisture penetration. Additional coating materials such as urethane are required to keep it water resistant. Stone tiles are usually made from granite, limestone, marble and slate. They are comparatively higher in price and demand regular maintenance


Deciding on a budget is the most crucial phase of a remodeling project. The rule says that your final budget must account for nearly a 5 or 10 % of the total house value. A prior estimation of how much you will to spend can aid in the selection of material and hiring contractors for the installation purpose. Vinyl tiles are cheaply available at per square foot cost whereas price of ceramics vary.

A small dimensional error can spoil the look of your bath place so it is advisable to hire people to get the job perfectly done in the first attempt.

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How you can care and maintain marble floor?

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Home Decor

The idea of having marble floor is an appreciable thought to get stylish and glossy floor at the home. That generally creates impression in front of guests and friends who will visit your home. Getting marble floor installed at your home incurs huge cost. Apart from that you put so much effort in choosing the marbles that matches with your home interior.  All because of these two aspects, it’s made homeowners more conscious and concern about the cleaning and maintenance of marble floors. Although maintaining the décor of home also includes taking care of  floors as well.

There are few tips that will help you to know how easily you can maintain the shiny and glossy look of marble floors.

·         Avoid making certain mistakes-  After getting marble floor installed people usually forget to take care of certain basic but important issues that may further end up vanishing the look of marble floors.

1.    Using marble floor cleaner without following the instruction mentioned in the pack can hamper your floor. Most of the times in hurry people forget to read the complete instruction while using floor cleaner.

2.    Sometimes just to save small on dollars people will end up buying cheap cleaner that is actually not good for the health of marble floor. Even in near further it can hamper the glossy look of floor.

·         Use vacuum to remove the dust that come along with the footwears before cleaning it with the water or cleaning agent.

·         Let’s talk about the how actually one should clean the marble floor. It is advisable to use warm water while cleaning the marble floor. It is suggested to clean the marble floor regularly to maintain its shiny look for longer period of time.

·         Clean up the tough stain quickly is another important thing you must be very particular about. Stains of coffee and tea need to be cleaned simultaneously, using mop sometime effective to clean such kind of stains. Whereas hydrogen peroxide is an cleaning agent that can be simply used to clean the stain. Well if you get encounter will rust stains the best move will be to clean it up with rust stain remover.

·         Protective sealer is another way out to protect the marble floor for any kind of harming concern. Protective sealer may reduce the shiny or glossy touch of the marble floor but it is one of the easier ways to protect and maintain the marbled floor.

There are many flooring options in the market. And there is no way out to run away from the issues related to care and maintenance even if you are having marbled floor. Although maintaining the marble is easier than other flooring options available in the market like timber floors. Taking care of marble floor is not a much tough task if you follow all these mentioned rules. Just simply obey the simple step and keep your marble floor mesmerizing, seemly look last for long run. If you’d prefer to buy new stone flooring then you might want to try Indus Stones and their stack stone in Melbourne or maybe you’re after ledge stone in Melbourne. Try them out and call them today!

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Why It’s Important To Have A Clean House

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Home Decor

A clean house is something that some people often aspire to have, and rarely enjoy putting in the work to achieve it. Many companies are providing domestic cleaning services to make your house cleaning task hassle free. Though cleaning isn’t always the most fun activity in the world, it is one that is both important and necessary. Don’t believe it? Here are some of the reasons why keeping a clean home is so important to everyone who lives in it, and everyone who visits. Don’t worry, if you really can’t bear the thought of cleaning your home yourself you can always enlist in the help of a domestic cleaning service, as they will do all the hard work for you!


  • A clean home is a home that is less likely to be filled with sick people. A lack of cleanliness is an easy way to allow germs and even certain parasite-carrying pests to breed in a home. By not keeping a clean kitchen, dining room, or bathroom, window cleaning, you’re increasing your risk for food poisoning. In some cases, homes can be so dirty that even sleeping on a bed can cause rashes and scabies. This is not something that you want to happen in your home.

  • People who have allergies will be less sneezy when they come to your home. Allergens such as dust and cigarette smoke can seriously put a damper on the level of comfort in a home. Even if you yourself do not have allergies, chances are high that at least one person who will visit your home will. If you want to make sure that everyone feels like they can breathe easily, the best way to do that is to ensure that things are as clean as can be.


  • It makes things way easier to find. Homes that are clutter-free and clean are much, much easier to navigate. If you’ve been having a hard time finding your car keys in the morning, it may be time to start tidying up around the house.


  • It boosts property value. Well kept homes are homes that retain their value. Ask any realtor!


  • You will feel better when you step inside your home. Dirty homes, especially ones that are high in clutter, have been linked to higher stress levels, a difficulty getting to sleep, and restlessness in the people who live there. In other words, it’s naturally much easier to relax if you are in a home that is clean. Cleaner homes appear to have more wide, open space than homes that are of a similar size that are not. Because clean homes tend to look better, they are more psychologically inviting to guests than an overcrowded, over cluttered home.


  • People will be more willing to visit you. Going to a place covered in grime and squalor is just not what anyone wants to do. If your home smells bad, or if it even just looks bad, people will not want to visit you. So, if you want to be the host with the most this season, it’s time to get cleaning.


A clean house is something that should be a matter of pride to the people who own it. It may mean having extra chores once in a while, but the fact is that the benefits really outweigh the small tasks you would need to do in order to achieve a clean home.

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How to choose the best decorations for your lounge

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Home Decor, Home Furniture

The lounge or the living room is the only place in the house next to the dining area where the entire family spends most of the time with together. Since this place is such an important part of the house, many folks have regarded it as a memorable and sacred place to have good memories for the entire family. you will get elegant designed sofas and coffee tables in Melbourne to decorate your lounge. Who would not want to take pictures, take a good rest, do some loving and time well spent with our loved ones than the lounge, that is why many decorate it well and design the place to be cozy, comfortable and livable enough for you to like staying there.

coffee table

Below are a few tips in choosing the best design and decorations for your lounge:

For starters a lot of folks will always try to throw old things out and start with something new, but this is not always should be the case, now that times are hard and money is not easy to come by without hard work, it is best to know the best tips first and take a laid back approach in decorating the living room than an aggressive approach.


Always know the space that you need – limitations of space will always be your stumble block in creating the best lounge designs, if you have a very small area and will not allow for more room, then perhaps a simple couch and a coffee table were already enough to make the space fun. Know the purpose why you want to hang out in that area. If you want to be seated, if you want to have entertainment, if you want to have books, all of these can be accommodated if you have space, but if not, then you have to compromise with smaller appliances and furniture or rid of them altogether.


Choose a lively color scheme that fits your family style – what other people tend to mislook and missed out is that everyone in the family have different taste and should not be force to what the head of the family or the mother wants as motif for colors. Remember that the colors must match the furniture and the displays in the living room. Huset has come up with wide range of furniture that matches with the interior of your home. If your family is the couch potato type, then the room need not to be that light colored, as you will always have the big TV on. The wall is your canvas, if the paint and the color of it stands out to fit the theme well of your lounge, then do your best to make good use of it.


Sometimes less clutter means more – the simpler designs and modern ones always bring joy to the general populous. Each time you have people invited or if your family spend time together in the living room area, the lesser the furniture, the lesser decorative designs, the less colors can sometimes bring out the best in the room itself. If the main focus is the TV, then make sure that the other electronics like CD players and large speakers are hidden off to make the TV stand out. If the sofa and the couch are the centerpiece or your table is the largest one, then make sure to make it stand out and be the motif for the entire room.

There you have it, hope you have gained some insights from this informative article.

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